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What to Look for in a Medical Office Manager in Sacramento

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Medical Billing Companies in Sacramento CA

Medical Office Managers are an essential part of the healthcare industry. They make sure every part of the machine that is the medical facility works smoothly and seamlessly as finding a good manager can do wonders for your Sacramento-based medical practice. After working with quite a few of these companies, here’s what I’ve found to be the most helpful manager, and what you should look for when hiring or finding one:

They Make Sure the Office Runs Smoothly

While the duties of a medical officer may be many, the highest priority is to ensure that the facility functions smoothly. Medical Office Managers have to ensure there is no waste of resources due to unnecessary procedures, while also recognizing the requirements of the facility and allocating funds for it. At a newer medical facility, a medical officer may have to create and develop new standards for procedures and tasks.

In a smaller practice, the manager will have to answer phone calls and schedule patient appointments themselves.

Meanwhile, in a larger setup, the managers take on the role of a supervisor in charge of a clerical staff who will perform essential duties such as scheduling appointments, billings, processing, and filing insurance claims.

Managers and staff may also refer patients to different departments. Managers can have access to financial records and fulfill the role of an accountant if the need arises.

In addition, a medical office manager will have to buy office and medical supplies, computers, and acquire necessary updates in order to run the facility smoothly. A bonus: if your manager is up for it, they may even help with marketing your practice! Whether it’d be digital or traditional marketing for your Sacramento practice.

They Stay up to Date on Laws & Regulations

Laws must be abided by every member of society, thus the best managers have a full understanding of the legal system involving medical facilities and their operations. Due to the evolving nature of the laws, a manager has to stay up to date regarding health and safety regulations, confidentiality, patient information, and equipment maintenance. It is also the responsibility of the manager to make sure the medical practitioners and personnel have their licenses up to date.

They Can be the Face of Your Practice

Another core responsibility to the ever-growing list of duties of the manager is to act in collaboration between different parties. A manager is required to schedule staff meetings to go over any recent developments in the financial status and insurance of the practice.

A manager is also responsible for hiring new staff, advertising any new openings, writing job descriptions, hiring new employees as well as making policies. They can also act as a mediator during staff conflicts and resolve patient complaints. A bonus: a manager can even devise the staff evaluations.

Handle the Medical Billing Process

Medical Office Managers may also act as Medical Billers. Responsibilities of a medical biller include managing payments and cooperating with insurance claims.

They create and send invoices, submit claims, investigate denied claims, and communicate with insurance companies for overpayments.

Leverage your Sacramento Medical Office Manager’s Strengths and Interests

It's safe to conclude at this point that Medical Office Managers have a lot of responsibilities. And as a Doctor that runs their own practice, you know just as well as anyone that there are simply not enough hours in the day to complete all these tasks and responsibilities. That’s why it helps to work with your office manager to find the items in their workday that can be “automated”.

For example, medical billing in Sacramento can take up a large portion of the day to follow up with insurance companies and collect patient payments. An organized medical billing company can help free up that time to allow medical office managers the time to focus on other aspects of keeping a practice running smoothly.

Searching for Medical Billing Companies in Sacramento, CA?

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