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8 Reasons to Choose Bay Area Medical Billing Services

Updated: May 5, 2020

Your medical billing service plays an important role in the successful management of your practice. They should be proactive, transparent, and accurate. They should also be thorough. Today we're sharing just what your San Jose medical billing company should be providing to your practice.

1. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Pay Attention to Accounts Receivable

San Jose Medical Billing Services

Those aging A/R reports will always need your attention and that of your billing company. Make sure you’re seeing a report by payer that breaks out insurance and patient responsibilities. You’ll also need access to the patient collections report. You shouldn’t have to ask for an ongoing status report.

2. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Protect your Data and Information

Privacy is a huge concern with any business, but it’s especially important in the medical field. There should be a commitment to keeping your Protected Health Information (PHI) secure. Make sure they use email encryption, password protections, and the very best in privacy software.

3. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Provide Consistent & Accurate Collections

San Jose Medical Billing Providers

Your medical billing company needs to follow up with patients and insurers who are overdue or non-responsive. You need to know their procedures for following up on accounts that are past 30 days and what they do when underpayments or no payments become a pattern.

4. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Have Well-trained Employees

San Jose Medical Billing Solutions

The medical coding field is changing all the time. Your billing company should invest in the ongoing education and professional development of its employees. Ask what they’re doing to keep their team up to date on the latest procedures and requirements.

5. San Jose Medical Billing Services Should Provide Metrics and Benchmarks

Your medical billing company should be able to tell you exactly how long it takes to collect on an account and provide a net collection ratio. That data should be measured against your performance standards. After all, wouldn't you want t know how well your medical billing company is performing for you?

6. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Use Best-in-class Technology

Is everything being done to save you time and money? We are in the heart of Silicon Valley after all, so you should expect the latest and modern tools when your provider helps handle your collections. Digital platforms for payments, claims and appeals, and patient portals will make your billing more efficient.

7. Communication and Access to Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider

A big advantage of choosing a medical biller that's local is that you can meet face-to-face whenever necessary. Going with a corporate entity tends to not provide the best customer service and when you have to wait for someone to answer a question or show you a report, you’re wasting time. Make sure you can access patient accounts, check account balances, and generate your own reports.

8. Your San Jose Medical Billing Provider Should Be a Partner

Lastly, you don’t want your medical billing company to just get the work done. You want them looking out for the best interests of your facility. It's another reason why you want to choose a medical billing company that's near your practice, because we won't look at your business as a number.

We're located in San Jose and are available to help you with your billing needs. With top of the line industry experience exclusively working in the San Jose region, we'd be able to provide personalized service for your practice, no matter what you do. If you have any questions about the services you’re receiving or you’d like to hear about what we can do for you, please contact us at Horizon Revenue Solutions or give us a call at 408-444-8845.

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