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Welcome 2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Happy New Year – we really needed it. Is it going to be happy though? That entirely depends on us. While 2020 has been an unprecedented year, yet, in adversity, people have demonstrated the highest qualities of human spirit – excellence, resilience and compassion. So, don’t write off 2020 in a hurry. Yes, 2020 has a long list of faults – it has taken away loved ones, relationships, livelihoods and happiness in general. BUT, lets look at the bright side. Air pollution is lowest in decades, rivers are running cleaner, people have slowed down to do more introspection to adopt a healthier life style. So nature has given all of us a kick in the back side, lets remember it and learn from it.

On the medical billing side, 2020 had unique trends. Like – growth in cloud based software, adoption of EHR and electronic claim submissions. Some of the growth was stunted because of COVD-19 but it engendered a new growth area – telemedicine. Its not just a trend anymore. Providers will do well to take notice of it and find ways to offer it to their patients. In addition, Remote Monitoring and Mental Health will be growth areas for 2021. AND yes, premiums will also rise in 2021.

There is also a welcome prediction of move towards near real time payments. We will see a shift of payments towards point of care thereby making the billing more streamlined both for patients and providers.

Horizon Revenue Solutions is a data driven billing services provider. We keep in touch with the latest trends in technological advancements and continue to provide full life cycle RCM services to our customers.


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