How to Streamline Referrals for Your Private Practice

Knowing how patients find you, how you’re perceived and how well you understand the value you offer to others will help you maximize the chances that you are able to gain from referrals.

Who refers patients to you? Here are the most common sources of referrals:

  • Physicians

  • Former patients

  • Your peers

  • Your employees and volunteers

  • Family members of your patients

  • Eldercare providers

  • Visiting Nurses

  • Clergy

  • Internet searches

  • In-patient consults

  • Local businesses

  • Media appearances (You’re on TV, in the newspaper)

  • Speaking engagements

If you’re like most practices, about 80% of your referrals come from 20% of the SENDERS.

So how do you get referrals?

Here are some activities that lead to reliable bumps in referrals: • Host a CPR class • Present at Grand Rounds • Invite your patients to tell a friend about your clinic. • Run a contest • Launch a social media campaign. • Start a blog • Add testimonials on your web site. • Post content-rich videos on your web site. • Host a seminar, teleseminar, or webinar; invite your SENDERS to invite THEIR patients.

How to Ensure a Referral is Never Lost

Create a culture of caring at your facility The way you treat your employees is often reflected in the way they treat patients. Be kind and respectful. Ask them what they want and need. Ask your employees to treat every patient as if they were VIP’s. Suggest that as they greet each patient they see the face of a president or a movie star or an admired athlete. I once referred one of my patients to the best neurologist I knew The patient came back to me very unhappy. The front office staff was downright rude. All of your employees are ambassadors of your brand. Referrals are often the lifeline of a business and it should be taken seriously as you'll find the selling process to be much shorter. If you are looking to find a solution to be more efficient with the paperwork in your office. Horizon Revenue Solutions is the leading option for doctors that own private practices in the SF Bay Area, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.