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The Future of Electronic Health Records

Do you ever think, even in 2018, EHRs still leave us wanting more? Physicians are burnt out and mistrust in these softwares is rampant with no end in sight.

“How can I trust the EHR when it keeps asking me if infants are chewing tobacco?”

That was an official quote that came from the 2018 Harris Poll. Though this problem can be solved through automation, this only further complicates the user experience.

It’s not my job to understand this new computer system” said another doctor in the same poll.

Imagine if you heard a pilot say that before you got on a plane?

The reality is, if airplane autopilot systems were rolled out as poorly as EHR software, you might actually see a lot of pilots simply refuse to use them.

So it’s true, there’s a lot left to be desired with today’s EHRs, however, let’s not give up yet. The potential within EHR software today just hasn’t been harnessed yet.

How Can An EHR System Help Your Private Practice?

The answer is not necessarily what the EHR can do by itself, but how can the EHR and doctor work together to benefit the practice? Like the invention of the automobile in the 1800s, its full potential wasn’t truly seen until the construction of the interstate highways 50 years later.

Currently the interstate highway system between the EHR and the rest of the practice is underdeveloped or nonexistent. Creating these very types of interconnections is exactly what Horizon Revenue Solutions has set out to help practices accomplish.

Horizon can help private practices fully utilize todays EHRs to optimize your revenue cycle and increase cash flow. The idea of automating intelligently between the EHR and other aspects of your practice is key to how we function. That means integration with:

  • Patient portals

  • Practice Management

  • Billing

  • Collections

  • Marketing

  • Coding Review

  • Audit Protection

  • Or any other destination the practice requires

Communication between these key functions is our specialty. EHR implementation can be as robust or as simple as your practice requires. There is a lot of versatility in today’s world of EHRs, and we can have it work optimally for you.

EHR's are at the forefront towards value based care away from the fee for service based care, that's so common today. This next level of EHR can only be achieved by first expanding upon the connections they currently have with the rest of the practice. Wherever you need your EHR to take you, Horizon Revenue Solutions can help pave the way. Give us a call at 888-720-0003 or email us at and we’d be delighted to go over a free no-obligation practice assessment for your private practice. Currently servicing doctors that own private practices all across the San Francisco Bay Area.


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